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Meet the Legal Tech Celebrities

Ioannis Martinis

Head of Legal Tech at Coop Rechtsschutz AG

Ioannis Martinis holds a master’s degree in Digital Business from the University of Applied Sciences of Zurich and a Master of Law from the University of Basel, Switzerland. As Head of Legal Tech and member of the management of Coop Rechtsschutz AG, he leads the company’s artificial intelligence and legal tech projects. Furthermore, he lectures at the University of Applied Sciences on law in the digital age and on the impact of technology on the legal industry. He is also the Head of Communication of the legal start-up YLEX. As Ambassador for Switzerland of the European Legal Technology Association (ELTA), he acts as a “swinging doors” between Switzerland and the international level of ELTA. Ioannis Martinis is also the Head and Founder of the Swiss Legal Tech Think Tank Ethorial, a platform to rethink legal services, to develop ideas and share knowledge about technology and the law.

Geofrey Banzi

Legal technologist at KPMG

Geofrey is a Legal Technologist and a front-end / UX expert at one of the big four. 

He has a published a book on the legal regulation of self-driving cars ‘Regulating Driverless RTA’s: A Concise Guide to the Driverless Future and Emerging Policy Issues in the UK’ and his main areas of interest include: Self-Driving cars, IoT, Blockchain and Smart economy. 

Logan Oliver

Head of Business Development at Office & Dragons

 Logan Oliver is voraciously curious and relentlessly geeky. As Head of Business Development, his goals are predominantly to build and run the way that they as a company interact with the public and our prospects. That means he has have many irons in the fire! His work ranges from customer success, customer service, sales, and marketing. Needless to say, it keeps one busy! He thinks every step of the way has shaped who he is today. Some career highlights were in running process improvement projects at Blackberry, working as a project manager at Amazon, and as Bid Manager and Legal Support at BT. Logan has a law degree, and in the midst of all this he has been a karate instructor, a door to door salesman, the producer of a performance group, and a chocolate expert to name a few. He is a huge proponent of getting a wide variety of experiences.  He says: “LegalTech is an interesting one. Law is an industry so ripe for improvement, but so full of pitfalls too. To succeed, you need to understand who is buying you and what they care about, potentially more than other industries have simply by virtue of all the practical restrictions lawyers are stuck with.  Right now there are a lot of buzz words and jargon flying around that potentially muddy the waters slightly. I’m still relatively new to the industry myself (but then, I guess most people are!), so I’m still learning as I go, and I’m excited to see where this world evolves.”

Akber Datoo

CEO & Founder, D2 Legal Technology

AKBER DATOO is founder and CEO of D2 Legal Technology (D2LT), a legal change and data consulting firm. With 20 years’ experience of both technology and legal experience, Akber works with financial institutions to create legal risk frameworks to ensure regulatory compliance and business optimisation. Operating at the intersection of FinTech and LegalTech, this includes the provision of strategic change management advice relating to process and systems for contract data modelling, document assembly, search, information retrieval, know-how and legal opinion management.

Akber’s book can be found here:

Catherine Bamford

CEO & Founder, BamLegal

Catherine Bamford is the CEO and Founder of BamLegal, a legal engineering consultancy that helps law firms implement and use legal technology to improve the delivery of their legal services. She has over 10 years’ experience of working in the legal technology sector, specialises in automation, was named as one of the FT’s Top Ten Legal Technologists and her clients have included Latham & Watkins, DLA Piper, Linklaters, Deloitte Legal, DWF, Pinsent Masons and many more. Catherine is also an advocate for greater diversity in law and volunteers for various Access to Justice charities.You can follow Catherine on Instagram:

Robert Hanna

Founder & Managing Director, Kissoon Carr

Robert Hanna is one of the most high-profile legal recruitment consultancy entrepreneurs globally. He has amassed a wealth of commercial experience and is passionate about sharing his expertise & knowledge with those who are motivated in investing in themselves to achieve their long term career and business goals.

Fraser Mayfield

Legal Technology Specialist

Fraser Mayfield has a proven track record of working with firms in the global legal market with over 19+ years of experience. He is the founder of Matters.Cloud ( a provider of cloud based practice management to small and mid size firms, whilst also heading up the EMEA region for Iridium Technology ( a leading provider of business intelligence to law firms worldwide. Prior to this Fraser held roles with LexisNexis and Aderant. He is highly knowledgeable in software related to law firm operations including CRM, Practice Management, Case Management, Document Management and Business Intelligence.