Bts reaction to you being small and cute. (They can see A LOT OF TIDDY) would love this for BTS as well if you can ” A/N: writing for bts first since I have to kinda back into writing for got7. ” Jin: You were feeling hungry and you craved for your boyfriend’s home cooked meals. HD wallpapers and background images The night would begin with a session of passionate kissing, followed by him slowly undressing the both of you. also, damn y’all some kinky babes out here. 35 of the Best and Cutest BTS Memes All ARMYs Will Appreciate. You kissed his cheek and rested your head on his shoulder, pouting as you waited for his response. He found you too adorable. Originally posted by tae-hyung. You guys talked for while. They Finger You. Since it was 11pm , your eyelids felt heavy and you eventually fell asleep on Suga’s lap. He’d show up at your doorstep pleading for you to tell him what was wrong. January 1, 2022 March 8, 2022 Memes by Adam Green. “ Ah! 30 Best Responses when Someone Asks “What Are You Doing”. . Just doing a few members for this because they’re the only one’s i could see maybe being into this because they’re all dom af. -Is pervy. seokjin: Yuta: He calls you his baby and he loves to hug you tightly in his arms so you can’t escape . You put your head on his shoulders and watched the computer screen, he turned around and smiled brightly looking at you. Request: BTS reaction to their girlfriend being a complete bookworm. Can you make a reaction/scenario where the boys secretly have a pee fetish and their reaction to you really needing to go/wetting yourself . All of a sudden he felt his shirt getting wet and he knew you were crying. EXO reaction to another member comforting their S/O His mouth would drop open as he started wondering how someone as small as you could eat so much in such a short period of time. Hoseok smirked down at you, finding it incredibly cute how flustered you became. Even while kissing the rest of your body, he’d somehow always end up back at your lips. “It does matter, but I always wonder what they think too. Jimin: His fingers tilted your head to the side, holding your face tightly in a bruising grip as his lips made his way to your neck. He told you on your first date that he loved your small hands. It was amazing. the pain kicked in, you were screaming every second, your contractions became more regular, and you were freaking out, once they wheeled you into the labour room, and you gave birth naturally, the doctors would hand you your first child, a boy, and then they handed the second child to jin, a girl, he smiled and laughed and brought his fingers . You’d notice his fast heartbeat and unsteady breath and question it. Originally posted by youngest-k ♡Jungkook♡: Fuck. dirty bts reactions Fanfiction. You sighed once more, feeling his arm wrap around your shoulders . -Your body is holy. “Hoseok!” You start, and, wrenching your earphones out of your ears, turn to face him. He started talking to you in Y/N/L, which Jimin didn’t speak. He would take your hand in his, cupping it gently before placing kisses on each one of your fingers. BTS reaction to you having a cold and they have to take care of you. Jimin would probably be stuck between wanting to care for you all the time and also not to care too much as he want you to enjoy your youth. BTS react to you approaching them and asking them out on a date. I want to take care of you as much as I can Hobi. Rap Monster: Namjoon would find it cute, and it would make him really happy. Jin. Like, she’s always reading and gets annoyed when she gets interrupted? Love ur blog btw. That of course caused you to go on a huge rant with him staring at you wide eyed. “Don’t be embarrassed,” he says, rubbing your back, “It was cute. V: After his dream last night, seeing you brought a smile to his lips. ” request : hello love! could i request bts reacting to their short bf trying on their clothes? thanks! JUNGKOOK : Originally posted by nochuie. -Pecks your cleavage. He may hesitate before saying this not wanting to sound like he wants to control you. Jin wrapped his arm around you and took a bite out of his ice cream sandwich, not taking his eyes off of Tanner. You heard shocking comments of the songs that Yoongi knows, the songs that you two connected to. all of these are my work, do not steal. Seokjin. He laughed at how cute you were and he winked at you, promising the best meal in the world. “Are you being serious right now, Jungkook?”, you scoffed, feeling your eyes well up already which only stoked your anger. He would ask. Once you put your arms up, the shirt (too small for you but staff didn’t care much) ripped under the arm. BTS reacting to their boyfriend being “too close” to another idol. He flung his arms around you burying his head into your neck. Overall, I see him being slightly impressed by how well you could eat. Originally posted by taestylips. +. You quickly pressed a warm kiss to his lips and pulled back, too quickly for any of your likings. He’d kiss you through the pain of him entering for the first time, as well as through the pleasure you’d begin to feel after the nth roll of . # bts. His cheeks are going red as you put down your present and look back up at him. youtube. request from anonymous: a bts reaction to you being out on a date and the paparazzi show up so you start to distance yourself but they do something like hold your hand or get closer or arm on the shoulder or a kiss on the cheek and theyre like its time people knew. Joshua: The first time he listens to you sing he’s going to pay very close attention to your pitches and tone. Summary: BTS reacts to you falling asleep with you head in their lap. It was nice seeing you (Y/N),” your ex smiled before walking away. Park Jimin. "Jagi~ah! You're so cute!" BTS Reaction To You Being Pocket Sized. When you slap his butt he would just smile shyly “What are you doing?”. He’d lick his lips a lot more than usual, and find a lot more reasons to touch you. He also likes to carry you up and spin you around and when you hold tightly to him because you’re scared , he’ll giggle and give you a small kiss . M. Tons of awesome BTS Jungkook cute wallpapers to download for free. “You eat more than the Hyung’s! I’m impressed. #jungkook #jk #kookie #bunny #jeonjungkook #goldenmaknae #cooky #btsshorts Ten: Screams together with you and both of you become almost inseparable , cuddling and hugging each other , hiding under the blankets whenever a scary scene happens . He only encouraged you to become more badass and confident so you both could become a . “Aww, no, don’t stop,” Hoseok pouts “You weren’t meant to see that,” you mumble into his shirt, your ears reddening. Flexing as you grind against it. Then after you finish your first song he’s going to ask for an encore because you were amazing but also cause this time hes going to try to make you mess up and laugh by sending you small kisses to catch. For those unaware, the Korean drama is based on a webtoon of the same name. Jin is very professional and knows that this is mostly fanservice. You took Jin's hands and twirled them around you as you kept swinging back and fort. — RM. You kept saying you wanted me to be safe, and you’d be so hurt if anything happened to me. “ Anything for such a cutie like you. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. We all know he's a freak so he'd whisper dirty things in your ear while his thumb rubs intense circles onto your clit with a smirk as you try to make our real words and sentences. Seokjin: Originally posted by tescodisxo. I skipped lunch for this and am not in the mood to argue with you right now. He grumpily whined when you pulled away, far too quickly for his liking, before flushing once again when you gently took his hand in yours, leaving soft pecks on each individual digit. Jimin If you are a K-drama fan, you would be aware of True Beauty. Originally posted by . Don’t get me wrong, he would totally love dating his crush but he simply doesn’t like hard to get people. Jimin: ‘’Ok, you’re going to change this instant. JUNGKOOK. ” Yoongi. When you pretended to kiss your member, and accidentally did it, he felt kind of hurt. EXO reaction to their S/O being super gullible . Still waters run deep. Namjoon: V: Taehyung was on a trip with BTS and some of their friends, including you, his crush. would love how ladylike you are with him but also loved your confident side which only grew more from being with him. BTS reaction to hearing their gf curse for the first time. He'd live for your moans and whimpers, only thrusting his fingers harder and deeper when you shake from the feeling of your orgasm. He would probably overthink and assume that there was something bigger going on in your life that was making you act this way. Gasping, you could only tremble as his teeth lightly touched your skin. As the world is hit with K-fever (anything from South Korea pop culture), you’re bound to see a lot of K-pop elements, including BTS. You instantly noticed and put them down, everybody noticing the sudden change, since the choreography required for them to still be up. stay wild After you nuzzle your face into their neck, he’d wrap his arms around you too as a response. b-tsfanfic-tion. Might be you like to check: The True Height of BTS Members. Jung kook: Little shy bun. His eyes are super wide and he can’t help but watch as you eat, making you feel a little embarrassed, but he reassures you that he’s just surprised how someone so slim can eat so much food. triceytreat said to b-tsfanfic-tion: Coul should one with you being tiny and they want you to stay around because your similar to them . Okay here you go my fellow Chanyeol stans. exactly what the title says, only dirty preferences & reactions for us filthy minded hoes. —. He’d probably just go out to calm down and you two would talk it through when he comes back. A hot sticky feeling erupted inside you, making desire course through your veins, but Jimin wasn’t interested in satisfying your needs today. Was the only thought running through Jungkook’s mind as his eyes were glued to your body. “That’s okay, you eat a lot, and have a fast metabolism. Why had he thought this would be a good idea? Jungkook hadn’t fully thought it through when he asked you to join him for his . He loved that you could stand up for yourself which Jin had never seen before as most girls he knew would want him to stand up for them. Originally posted by y--oko. Being in love with someone makes him focus more on his work, it gives him inspiration which is a fact. He felt you weakly hit his chest before a small snort left your playful form causing a red hue to creep up your face in embarrassment. Jin: Originally posted by jjkksj Answer (1 of 64): I went to the BTS Speak Yourself Tour on May 5, 2019. J-Hope: He would be ecstatic to hear that. Jin-You know this cutie. But overall he would think it’s cute that you’re younger than him and enjoy being the older one . He would take things slowly and give you all the time you need, as you are younger that him. It would make him feel incredibly joyful to know that and he would probably quote himself as the luckiest man on earth. Imagine his reaction when you tell him you are pregnant with your first child. You can also upload and share your favorite BTS Jungkook cute wallpapers. I promise. ” “It’s a deal. ©hazzapapi 2018 #bts #dirty #hoseok #jimin #jungkook #namjoon #preferences #reactions #seokjin #taehyung #yoongi request : hello love! could i request bts reacting to their short bf trying on their clothes? thanks! JUNGKOOK : Originally posted by nochuie. ” He smiled and held your face, “I get that, You’re so adorable. (Cute things like riding in there shoulder, laying in their hand while they play on their phone, helping cheat . Standing behind you, he wrapped his arms around your waist and put his head on your shoulder. It is also a way to show your crush that you might work well together because you are both cute. “This was a set date. Look at your cheeks right now,” he laughed, pointing to your reflection in the mirror. 💝 💛 💚 💙 💜 When you run up and slap his behind he would laugh before running after you to get you back. Y to BTS moments 2020. “Got7 reaction to s/o wearing a top with great clevage amongst the other members. J-Hope: Fights would be a very very rare occurrence with Hobi, so when he does get very mad, it’s very scary. Could you do a reaction when Bts kiss their girlfriends neck or when she is mad and they took her over their shoulder Warnings: mostly fluff, a strangely high amount of angst,a little smut ig, this got stupid long for what it is. -Once your boobs hurt he eagerly offered to massage them. He’d just be smiling and listening as you talked every now and then, but when you mentioned it and became embarrassed, he just chuckled. Aegyo is a Korean word that refers to a "cute" form of speaking or acting that often involves using a higher voice, making cute faces, and using hand gestures. EXO reaction to their S/O throwing up after dinner all of the time. He put you on his lap and hugged you thightly, kissining your face and making you giggle. “Well I better get going. “ Happy birthday, y/n,” says Jungkook in a small voice as he hands you his present with a cute Kookie smile. EXO reaction to coming home to see you crying on the floor because your mum called saying that your childhood pet got killed or needs to be put down. With love from A. Jimin-No escaping this idiot. And the few who were still inside were completely immersed in their phones. Tae would start whining and stomp his feet on the ground like a small child arguing back ‘till the sun goes down that he doesn’t have a small dick. Originally posted by theseoks. I sat in section 13 row 15. Like their perfect little soul mate lol . He asked, no t looking at you. -You’re so cute when you wana cuddle. Imagine him being a wonderful father. “Yoongi you need to go to bed” you laughed. Jimin would stare at you after you had shaded someone hardcore. Rose Bowl is huge. I think he’d tell you to slow down, worried that you’d get a stomach ache. Later when you don’t expect it he would just lightly tap your butt and act like he didn’t do anything. “Your presence can give happiness. He whined quietly. BTS Quotes Love Yourself. Afraid that you’ll sound like a dying goose or . He would start laughing asking who you were talking about. #jungkook #jk #kookie #bunny #jeonjungkook #goldenmaknae #cooky #btsshorts Halsey is a singer, songwriter and international pop icon. He loves making you moan dos he would be like Yoongi, kissing and biting . Originally posted by samlunatw. How could someone smaller than him have such a deep voice? *after you finished* “Holy hell. He'd be a lot . Imagine him getting rings because he is ready to propose to you . He’d turn his head the other way and say it’s nothing and it makes you giggle, causing him to blush even more. JIMIN : Jimin’s eyes would be about to pop out of his head. Don’t worry~”. -If you know what I mean. You put on some music and danced along with it as you cooked together with your boyfriend. Jagi, if you ever wanna release a mixtape, let me know. BTS reaction to you wearing a small top with a big cleavage and all the other guys are looking at you. YOU ARE READING. I’ll make sure to give you a big one. Don’t wear yourself out princess cause this won’t be the last time you cum tonight. Jimin’s demeanor was much gloomier now. And after the movie he acts all manly and fake , trying to seem like he was not afraid but in fact you were more brave than him during some parts . “I can’t help it, this is your fault, you’re too good-looking. He doesn’t mind it in the beginning, but he couldn’t help but being a bit jealous. Words: 998. “I’m like a surfer, first you just paddle and fall off the board but as time goes by you can stand up on the bigger waves. “Are you always this cuddly when drunk?” you said smoothing his hair down. He loved how when you pulled him in for a kiss, your hand felt so small on his cheek. The two of you finally had a moment of peace and quiet; no schedules, no work, no school - just time shared in each other’s presence. Imagine him being mesmerized by you as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. “Then, meet me out on the balcony when you’re free. It’s my fav thing ever tbh A/N: Thank you so much sweet anon, sorry you had to wait so long <3 . You laughed and sat next to him on the couch. com/watch?v=_vfFz5ywZnk&t=151sSUBSCRIBE TO MY BACKUP (l. Hoseok is the type of partner who wants to make sure that you’re satisfied and happy, so if this is what you like, he’d happily do it constantly. Him: “You were so cute last night. He knew he had this was a great idea when he saw the loving look in your eyes and the way you ran up to him and hugged him. ©hazzapapi 2018 #bts #dirty #hoseok #jimin #jungkook #namjoon #preferences #reactions #seokjin #taehyung #yoongi He yelled as he saw you coming into the dorm. He was messing around with the other boys, not sure if you were paying attention to them since you were talking to your friend. Clicking on the first song it played getting the sweats seeing Yoongi raise up his glass cheering you on. He wouldn’t be offended though - he just want to prove his point. You are calling your crush cute while accepting the compliment. But, you have to let me take care of you the same way. He laughed at how cute you were and he winked at . “I just need~ you~” he whined again holding onto you tighter. EXO reaction to when you wake up after giving birth to yours and his child. “Don’t wonder, it’s all irrelevant to us. ” Mumbling he gave you a kiss before helping you finish baking. He tried to pull away and succeeded, although you didn’t let go. You sat in the middle of Jin and Suga. -After that you couldnt walk for days. You asked your boyfriend of course to help you with cooking. “I’m glad I could make you smile, and blush. He frowned, closing the top down once again, “you shouldn’t listen to what they say, I love you, and that should be all that matters to you, not any of them. Kim Taehyung (V) After you had sassed something Taehyung did he stared at you for a while looking you up and down. But he doesn’t notice things like you liking someone else, he doesn’t notice your way of trying to make him notice you. “I’m sorry jagi you were just too cute and I couldn’t handle myself. – Jin. Last Updated on March 8, 2022. thank you for requesting. But if she is older than him it is also okay. I had to make a reservation weeks in advance and it was still difficult to get us a good table. “That was so tiny!”. Super cute. Having a wet dream about you wasn’t new to him, but he wasn’t used to seeing you right after. Whimpers leaving your mouth as his hands brushed your hair back. “I don’t like him,” you heard Jin say which only made you laugh as you kissed his cheek. he would find the way his hoodie covered half your thighs adorable as fuck but instead of commenting about how small and cute you look this brat will take the chance to tease you about your height more and he’ll tease the fuck out of you, calling you . Usually when people date, they are drawn to their eyes - but not Hoseok. Jungkook: While irritated by your behavior, Jungkook would mainly just be concerned about your well being. ” You took a small deep breath then walked closer to him “I love you a lot and I don’t want to fight with you like at all. You jumped on his back and buried your head into his shoulder, asking in a baby voice for him to cook for you. “He’s my ex. originally posted by minsjoon. You were teasing him relentlessly, poking fun at his dad jokes in front of the boys. Jin’s expression changed with yours, and he began talking about it with namjoon. ’’ Like hell would he ever let someone look at you at that. After one of his jokes, you turned around and smiled at him, which made Tae giggle nervously. Aegyo. After a brief exchange, you nodded and gave a small smile before your ex left. SONG USED IN VIDEO: BTS - Spring Day/Lost/2!3! MASHUP [by RYUSERALOVER]link below:https://www. He, himself, wouldn’t know what got into him and how to react when he does notice you are scared. stay wild Asking you to ride his thigh you nodded shyly as he placed you on top of it. You let out a small laugh before you drew him in for an intense kiss. However, he may toss in a small, teasing sentence. BTS x Male Reader. I did not sit in the floor area. The tvN drama stars ASTRO member Cha Eun Woo, Moon Ga Young . Both of you didn’t realize the other was awake, and he laid there propped up on his elbow briefly before laying back down, deciding he would tell you in the morning how you were sleep talking. ”. Reactions: Jin: You were heading out of the concert with the guys, since Seok-jin didn’t want you to go out alone in the night, he convinced you to leave with him and the guys in the van. -Come here babe. BTS reaction to you having depression and breaking down and they confess (might be triggering) “I don’t know what you want me to say. He loves to bury his face in your hair and he smiles non stop when you try to get out of his hold . You jumped on his back and buried your head into his shoulder, asking in a baby voice for him to cook for you. ” “Y/N, you look so cute~ Can I take a picture?” Originally posted by bwisou JUNGKOOK : Jungkook is shook. Hoseok. He’s nervous and so are you. -Joonnie. 05 “I guess that makes two of us! That’s something else we have in common. Jimin: Hearing you moan from such little things would definitely have him biting his lip. R. He watched your gaze soften as your ex spoke to you, feeling like his fears were coming true, that you were going to go back to him. -Should be only you and him when you wear revealing clothes. Hoseok laughed loudly as he tickled you relentlessly, watching as you squirmed and giggled beneath him. EXO reaction to their S/O being super gullible. “Thanks,” you whisper, batting your eyelashes at him. -And he loves just how you love them. Recent revelations point that Halsey couldn’t look into the eyes of BTS' Jimin while they filmed for the song Boy With Luv which has millions of views on YouTube. Genre: Fluff. Taehyung. Originally posted by springsn0w But you were doing it the fun way. However, standing next to BTS’ Jimin made her ‘nervous’ says the singer. She revealed several incidents through a Q . thank you. As far as the age difference is concerned, Suga would like someone who is 1 to 6 years younger than him. This Korean boy group has been stealing hearts all over the world . seokjin: Jungkook shied away from your sweet kisses, small flustered laughs leaving his lips before you silenced him once again with your own. It's pretty commonly used . You’d continually catch him staring at you, a small smile on his lips. Your body is perfect, there’s nothing you need to do to look better right now. my inbox is always open for requests or anything. Word Count: 3307. Singing closing your eyes because you were honestly scared of seeing Yoongi’s reaction. I hope you remember that. EXO reaction to when you wake up after giving birth to yours and his child . “Life is a sculpture that you cast as you make mistakes and learn from them. A girl that is 155–160 cm tall and weighs 43 kg will be suitable enough for him to be his ideal type. “Yah! Jin you know you can’t sneak up on me” You said as you turned around in his arms. BTS reaction to you being chubby and going on a diet. ” Summary: BTS reacts to you falling asleep with you head in their lap. Originally posted by dont-touch-my-faceuh. Yoongi never realized how low your vocal cords would go when you sang, so when he heard you for the first time, he was utterly confused and blown away. “Good girl, so desperate for me.

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